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 ===== MA-INF 1309 ===== ===== MA-INF 1309 =====
-Coming soon.+==== Dates ==== 
 +^When ^Where ^Lecturer^ 
 +|Monday 12:30 - 14:00|LBH / E.08|Etscheid,​ Fischer, Röglin, Schmitz| 
 +The first meeting will be on Monday, 18th April, 2016, at 13:45. 
 +==== General Information ==== 
 +The task in this Lab is to present and implement selected algorithms. The main focus will be the question, what steps in the implementation are necessary to ensure that the algorithm is efficient in the experiments. 
 +If you are interested please contact [[staff:​michaeletscheid|Michael Etscheid]], so that we can estimate the number of participants.

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