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 ===== MA-INF 1317 ===== ===== MA-INF 1317 =====
-Coming soon.+  * We will meet every two weeksThe first meeting is on Monday April 18 from 9-12 in room E.08 in the LBH building. 
 +  * Knowledge of parameterized complexity is **not** required. 
 +  * The programming task will usually have a scientific motivation and may be the basis of a master thesis (but this is far from mandatory). 
 +  * Independent of the concrete topic you should expect a certain amount of implementation work and subsequent experiments. At the end of the term there should be a short (20 min) presentation of the results. It may be necessary to familiarize yourself a little with some recommended reading. 
 +  * The tasks will not be "set in stone" meaning that you can contribute your own suggestions for how to proceed, e.g., regarding further goals, code optimizations,​ other target problems. 
 +  * In principle, you may also suggest a topic to work on (preferably by email beforehand),​ but final decision on topics lies with the lecturer/​tutor. 
 +  * Please send an email to kratsch@cs.uni-bonn.de if you are interested in participating. (This is not mandatory but may be helpful for planning.)

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