Dr. Melanie Schmidt

OfficeUniversity of Bonn
Institut f. Informatik I
Room E.02
Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 144
D-53113 Bonn
Phone +49 (228) 73 -60842
E-Mail melanieschmidt@uni-bonn.de



Current available Master/Bachelor thesis topics

  • Practical outlier detection methods with k-center approximation algorithms

Research Interests

  • Clustering, in particular k-means clustering
  • Approximation Algorithms
  • Algorithms for Big Data


Conference Articles and ArXiv

  • M. Groß, A. Gupta, A. Kumar, J. Matuschke, D. R. Schmidt, M.S., J. Verschae: A Local-Search Algorithm for Steiner Forest. ITCS 2018, to appear. arXiv:1707.02753
  • A. Gupta, G. Guruganesh, M.S.: Approximation algorithms for aversion k-clustering via local k-median. ICALP 2016: 66:1-66:13. Talk
  • J. Blömer, C. Lammersen, M.S., C. Sohler: Theoretical Analysis of the k-Means Algorithm - A Survey, CORR, 2016, arXiv:1602.08254
  • E. Lee, M.S., J. Wright: Improved and Simplified Inapproximability for k-means, CORR, 2015, arXiv:1509.00916. Talk
  • J.-P. W. Kappmeier, D. R. Schmidt, M.S.: Solving k-means on High-Dimensional Big Data. SEA 2015: 259-270, arXiv:1502.04265
  • H. Fichtenberger, M. Gillé, M.S., C. Schwiegelshohn, C. Sohler: BICO: BIRCH Meets Coresets for k-Means Clustering. ESA 2013: 481-492. Talk
  • D. Feldman, M.S., C. Sohler: Turning big data into tiny data: Constant-size coresets for k-means, PCA and projective clustering. SODA 2013: 1434-1453. Talk (Focus on Coresets) Talk (Focus on Dimensionality Reduction)
  • M. Groß, J.-P. Kappmeier, D. R. Schmidt, M.S.: Approximating Earliest Arrival Flows in Arbitrary Networks. ESA 2012: 551-562. Best Student Paper Award. Talk
  • C. Lammersen, M.S., C. Sohler: Probabilistic k-Median Clustering in Data Streams. WAOA 2012: 70-81. Talk
  • F. Hellweg, M. S., C. Sohler. Testing Euclidean Spanners. ESA 2010: 60-71. Talk
  • M. S., M. Skutella. Earliest Arrival Flows with Multiple Sinks. ISCO 2010.
  • D. Dressler, M. Groß, J.-P. Kappmeier, T. Kelter, J. Kulbatzki, D. Plümpe (now Schmidt), G. Schlechter, M. S., M. Skutella, S. Temme. On the use of network flow techniques for assigning evacuees to exits. International Conference on Evacuation Modeling, ICEM 2009.

Journal Articles

  • C. Lammersen, M.S., C. Sohler: Probabilistic k-Median Clustering in Data Streams, Theory of Computing Systems, volume 56, part 1, January 2015, pages 251-290.
  • M. S., M. Skutella. Earliest arrival flows in networks with multiple sinks, Discrete Applied Mathematics, volume 164, part 1, February 2014, pages 320–327.

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