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-====== ​Lab: Efficient ​Algorithms ​for selected Problems ​======+====== ​Seminar Advanced ​Algorithms ======
-===== MA-INF ​1309 =====+===== MA-INF ​1307 =====
 ==== Dates ==== ==== Dates ====
 ^When ^Where ^Lecturer^ ^When ^Where ^Lecturer^
-|Monday 12:15 - 14:00|LBH / II.57|EtscheidFischerRöglin|+|Wednesday 10:15 - 12:00|LBH / II.57|A. SchmitzProf. Dr. NBlum|
-The exact time of the kickoff meeting will be announced soon. If you are interested please contact [[staff:carstenfischer|Carsten Fischer]], so we can estimate the number of participants. We will send an email to anyone interested as soon as the date is fixed.  +The second ​kickoff meeting will be on 12th April. If you are interested please contact [[http://​theory.cs.uni-bonn.de/​blum/​Mitarbeiter/​schmitz/​welcome.var|Adrian Schmitz]], so we can estimate the number of additional ​participants. ​
- +
-==== General Information ==== +
-The topic of the Lab will be "​Competitive Programming"​. We will consider many problems from different areas, e.g., data structures, simple mathematical problems, graph theory or computational geometry, and implement small programs that solve the problems. +
- +
-If you are interested, we support a participation in the German Collegiate Programming Contest (GCPC 2017).+

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