MA-INF 1319 - Cluster Analysis


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General Information

The content of this lecture is the theoretical analysis of approximation algorithms for cluster analysis, in particular covering the following areas:

  • Approximation algorithms for k-center, k-median and k-means
  • Different techniques for approximation algorithms, including ILP-based techniques and local search
  • Clustering of Big Data and in Data Streams
  • Analysis of common clustering heuristics
  • Practically efficient methods with theoretical guarantees


When Where Start Lecturer
Tuesday, 10:15-11:45 INF / Room 2.078 October 09th Schmidt


When Where Start Lecturer
Wednesday, 12:30-14:00 INF / Room 2.050 October 17th Rösner
Friday, 14:00-15:30 INF / Room 2.050 October 19th Rösner

Problem Sets

  • Problem Set 1 (hand in until October 16th, to be discussed October 17th and October 19th)
  • Problem Set 2 (hand in until October 23th, to be discussed October 24th and October 26th)
  • Problem Set 3 (hand in until October 30th, to be discussed October 31st and November 2nd)
  • Problem Set 4 (hand in until November 6th, to be discussed November 7th and November 9th)
  • November 14th and November 16th tutorials were for repetition and questions and without a new exercise sheet
  • Problem Set 5 (hand in until November 20th, to be discussed November 21st and November 23rd)
  • Problem Set 6 (hand in until November 27th, to be discussed November 28th and November 30th)
  • Problem Set 7 (hand in until December 4th, to be discussed December 5th and December 7th)
  • Problem Set 8 (hand in until December 11th, to be discussed December 12th and December 14th)
  • Problem Set 9 (hand in until December 18th, to be discussed December 19th and December 21th)


October 09 1 Introduction
2 The happy world of k-center
2.1 Definition
2.2 A simple and elegant 2-approximation
October 16 2.3 A matching lower bound
2.4 Incremental and hierarchical clustering
October 23 2.4 continued: Proof
2.5 Another elegant 2-approximation
October 30 2.6 A streaming algorithm for k-center
November 6 –cancelled due to illness–
November 13 2.7 The k-center problem with outliers
2.8 Fair k-center
November 20 2.8 Fair k-center (ctd)
3 The exciting world of k-means
3.1 Definition
3.2 Lloyd's algorithm
November 27 3.3 The k-means++ algorithm
3.3.1 D2-sampling as a bicriteria approximation
December 4 3.3.2 A glimpse on the analysis of k-means++
3.4 Dimensionality reduction
December 11 3.4.1 The Johnson-Lindenstrauss Lemma
December 18 3.4.2 The Singular Value Decomposition


The lecture notes cover the content of the lecture and are updated after each lecture.

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