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 ===== Scheduling Exams ===== ===== Scheduling Exams =====
-We will try out a new system this semester to schedule the exams this semester. +To schedule the exam, please send an e-mail to [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]].
- +
-  - Choose **a single** time slot [[https://​terminplaner4.dfn.de/​RjM9SG7EMKk2tB5O|in this poll]] and reserve it there. (You may also use any pseudonym.) +
-  - Send an e-mail to [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]] ​with you selected time slot (and maybe your pseudonym). +
-  - Wait for confirmation. +
- +
-If none of the time slots fits your needs, send an e-mail. You should also send an e-mail if you would like a time slot only in the second period+
 ===== Lecture ===== ===== Lecture =====

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