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-====== MA-INF ​1309 - Lab Efficient ​Algorithms ​for Selected Problems: Design, Analysis and Implementation ​(Kesselheim) ======+====== MA-INF ​1320 - Lab Advanced ​Algorithms (Kesselheim) ======
 Offered by [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]] Offered by [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]]
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 If you are interested in the lab, please contact [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]]. If you are interested in the lab, please contact [[staff:​thomaskesselheim|Thomas Kesselheim]].
-The current plan is to offer the lab under module number MA-INF 1309. If you are interested in participating but have already taken MA-INF 1309, please contact us ahead of time while we are still able to change the module number. 

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