MA-INF 1315 Lab Computational Geometry

offered by Herman Haverkort and Elmar Langetepe (each semester)

In the computational geometry lab, a student can work alone or in a team on the design, analysis and implementation of efficient algorithms for a problem with geometric data. The lab is offered each semester on demand. If you are interested, please contact any of the instructors mentioned above to make an appointment for a Zoom meeting to discuss possible topics. Topics are typically in the same areas as those of graduations projects we tend to supervise, and they are typically related to recent, current or planned research projects of ourselves. Example topics may be found on eCampus. Note that other members of the theory group may also be able to supervise lab projects in their respective research areas. Under circumstances, a lab project could function as a pilot study, which, if successful, can be continued in the form of a graduation project.

The planned work load of a lab project is 270 hours (9 credit points). Progress is discussed in regular meetings (possibly via Zoom) with the instructor and, if applicable, fellow students. Assessment is based on an oral presentation (possibly via Zoom) and a written report that discusses the problem, the design decisions taken, and the results.

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