Research Seminar

This is the website of the joint research seminar of Group I and our group during the summer term 2023. Please find the list of speakers and titles below. If you would like to give a talk, please contact Alexander Braun.

Talks will take place on Thursdays, 9:30am in seminar room 2.050. Each talk will be 20-30min with time for questions and discussion afterwards.

Summer Term 2023

Date Speaker Title/Topic
April 6 Jacobus Conradi Data Structure for Curves via Subspaces of Bounded Doubling Dimension
April 13 Anna Arutyunova Complete Linkage Clustering
April 20 Anurag Naredla Some Problems in Geometric Facility Location
April 27 Benedikt Kolbe Computing the Fréchet-Distance between Piecewise Smooth Curves
May 4 Kelin Luo Connected k-Center and k-Diameter Clustering
May 11 Jonas Charfreitag Integer Programming for the Maximum Cut Problem:
A Refined Model and Implications for Branching
May 18 Public holiday
May 25 Lukas Schürmann A Reduced Cost-based Model Strengthening Method
June 1 Pentecost break
June 8 Public holiday
June 15 Anna Heuser Sleeping Bandits with Knapsacks
June 22 Joshua Könen Parameterized Algorithms for Computing Pareto Sets
June 29 Philip Mayer Bicriteria Polygon Aggregation with Optimal Triangulations
July 6 Alexander Braun Truthful Mechanisms for Two-Sided Markets
July 13 Frederik Brüning On the Number of Iterations of the DBA Algorithm

Next Terms

Also during winter term 2023/24, there will be a research seminar.

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