Lab: Efficient Algorithms for selected Problems

MA-INF 1309


When Where Lecturer
Tuesday 12:15 - 14:00Endenicher Allee 19a / 2.050Fischer, Schmidt, Tönnis

The kickoff meeting will be on Monday, 1st of April at 12:15 in room 2.050.

If you are interested please contact Melanie Schmidt, so we can estimate the number of participants. To access our server you will need a VPN-access of the Computer Science department. It would be good if all attendents take care of obtaining VPN-access before the kickoff meeting.

General Information

The topic of the Lab will be “Competitive Programming”. We will consider many problems from different areas, e.g., data structures, simple mathematical problems, graph theory or computational geometry, and implement small programs that solve the problems.

We will support C++/Java/Python3, but for some tasks C++/Java is highly recommended.

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