MA-INF 1307 - Seminar Advanced Algorithms

General Information

When Where Start Lecturer
Monday, 10:15-11:45 LBH / II.57 October 24 Röglin, Antoniadis

The introductory meeting, in which the topics will be assigned, will take place on October 24 at 10:15. Students interested in the seminar are expected to attend the introductory meeting.

When Who Topic
October 24 Introductory meeting, assignment of topics.
November 28 Danny Rademacher The small world Phenomenon: an algorithmic perspective
December 5 Julius von Kohout Performance guarantees for hierarchical clustering
December 12 Simon Omlor The Geometry of Scheduling
December 19 Yash Patel A general approximation technique for constrained forest problems
January 30 Mehrdad Soltani A Robust and Optimal Algorithm for Minimum Metric Bipartite Matching


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